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BARCHARTS / Pre-Algebra

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Pre-Algebra Barchart Boost grades and the understanding of early algebra concepts that can make or break the long-term study of algebra. Textbooks and classes cover so much over months at a time that the details at different stages of learning are passed up with expectations of students remembering all the details of every stage of learning. This 6 page laminated reference guide is expertly authored and designed to offer a quick detailed overview of all stages of early algebra learning. So all concepts can be seen at a glance before reading texts or listening to instructors, during study and homework, or further into the class for refreshing before quizzes and exams. It can help the math-rusty parent homework coach as well to get the algebra gears turning again so you can be the homework hero. Topics covered include: *Number Systems *Operations *Algebra Concepts *Translating Words into Algebraic Statements *Algebraic Equations *Algebraic Inequalities *Coordinate Plane *Geometry *Ratio, Portion, Percent