Some helpful advice:  Keep everything you bought together.  
Often, books come wrapped in plastic and have items in there other than just the book.  
Important codes, paperwork, etc could be in your package.   
You paid a lot of money for your purchase--please keep everything you have until you know what it is and if you need it!

KVCC Bookstore Return Guidelines:

1.  Refunds on TEXTBOOKS, COURSEPACKS, OFFICE SUPPLIES and items for your classes must be made within 7 DAYS OF PURCHASE OR 7 DAYS AFTER THE START OF YOUR CLASS.
Please keep your items in NEW, UNUSED CONDITION for return.  (un-opened, un-activated codes,  clean and complete as purchased)
Please try to bring your receipt.
Refund will be issued in the manner in which it was paid.

2.  Refunds on CALCULATORS, COMPUTERS, CLOTHING, GIFT ITEMS, etc must be made within 7 days.  
Items must be in NEW, SALEABLE condition.

3.  Refunds requested after these guidelines may receive a Bookstore Giftcard in the amount of the purchase; depending on the situation.