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Prismacolor Double Ended Markers 12pk

$59.95 - $64.95
Sanford has built a strong reputation with artists who depend on quality and consistency in color. These permanent markers feature two different style nibs that give the artist flexibility. The Chisel-Fine markers have one end that has a broad (wedge) nib and the other a fine nib. The Brush-Fine markers have one end that has a brush nib and the other a fine nib. Both include alcohol-based permanent ink that is low-odor and will not bleed. COOL GRAY SET CONTAINS 108 Cool Gray 10%, 109 Cool Gray 20%, 110 Cool Gray 30%, 111 Cool Gray 40%, 112 Cool Gray 50%, 113 Cool Gray 60%, 114 Cool Gray 70%, 115 Cool Gray 80%, 116 Cool Gray 90%, and three 098 Blacks. COLOR ASST SET CONTAINS 050 Violet, 019 Canary Yellow, 015 Yellowed Orange, 008 Pink, 006 Carmine Red, 004 Crimson Red, 032 Parrot Green, 044 Ultramarine, 053 Mulberry, 031 Dark Green, 061 Dark Umber, and 098 Black. MANGA SET CONTAINS 156 French Grey 20%, 065 Sienna Brown, 072 Eggshell, 078 Brick Beige, 208 Ballet Pink, 039 True Blue, 144 Cloud Blue, 014 Pale Vermillion, 017 Sunburst Yellow, 171 Lilac, 001 Process Red, and 167 Apple Green.

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