I had an account on your old website. Why can't I log into that account now?

In the process of switching to a new website host, customer account information could not be transferred. You will need to make a new account for the KVCC Bookstore website. 

I'm looking for Fall 2022 textbooks. Why can't I find them on your website?

The KVCC Bookstore is working to acquire Fall textbooks right now - once we receive all the required information from instructors and the books get to us, we will have Fall 2022 courses posted on our website. We expect to have Fall 2022 material ready in August. 

What can I buy with my Financial Aid? 

Financial Aid can be used to buy any required course materials, including books, e-books, and course packs, as well as educational supplies like calculators, backpacks, art supplies, flash drives, notepads, binders, writing tools - pretty much anything you need to be successful in class! Your Financial Aid can also be used to cover shipping costs.

Is there anything I'm not allowed to buy with Financial Aid?

Financial Aid funds cannot be used to purchase spirit wear or other non-educational supplies available through our website.

What can I access through the Bookstore website?

Use the Bookstore website to find book information, store hours, and shop for course materials, spirit wear and items such as notebooks and supplies you need for class!  You can have your items delivered to your home for a flat rate of $5.00. Check out what we have today!

What if I need help with using the website?

Our website is easy to use, but in case you need assistance we are here to help! Just send us an email at bookstore@kvcc.com, or call us at 269-488-4030, and we will be happy to assist you.

How long will it take to get the things I ordered from the Bookstore website?

We fill and ship orders Monday through Thursday, in the order they are received. All orders are shipped via UPS Ground. In the Kalamazoo area UPS generally takes one or two days. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been picked up from the Bookstore by UPS Ground.

I usually pay cash for my purchases, how can I use the Bookstore website if I don't have Financial Aid or a credit card?

Meijer, Walmart, and other area stores offer a prepaid credit card that you can purchase with cash, and use on the website. Prepaid credit cards work wherever regular credit cards do.

What is your return policy?

Purchases can be returned within five business days of purchase. Book can be returned within five days of the start of class.

Do you have Digital Books?

Yes! VitalSource is our digital partner and we have a lot of books available for download to any device! And they cost much less than traditional books. 

I bought an e-book through your website. Why can't I find it?

The Bookstore does not send the email containing your e-book, and it is not linked to your Canvas. VitalSource sends the e-book to the email address that you placed your order with. Search your email inbox for a message from do.not.reply@vitalsource.com. 

I'm having trouble accessing an e-book I purchased from you. How do I contact VitalSource about my e-book?

Call 1-855-200-4146 or email support@vitalsource.com with any questions or concerns about e-books.

Who do I contact for information on my Cengage Unlimited account or Cengage Codes?

Call 1-800-354-9706 or go to https://cengageportal.secure.force.com/Support/ You can save time by logging into this support site first and create a case before you call. If you have general questions about Cengage Unlimited, you can find answers at www.cengage.com/faq

Who do I contact with questions about my rental books?

Call Nebraska Managed Rentals Guest Services at 1-855-558-2759 or email them at Nebraskamangedrentals@nebook.com

Who do I contact for help with my Pearson Codes (MyMathlab, MyITLab, etc.)?

Go to https://support.pearson.com/getsupport


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